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Latex Free

The Latex Free Zone

Because Dr. Machado has a latex allergic reaction himself, he is very aware of the hazards and sensitive to his responsibility to provide an absolutely latex free space. Going the extra mile to make sure that every aspect of your experience is the finest available has inspired him to build in this extra layer of safety.

This investment goes far beyond simply providing latex free nitrile gloves or vynyl gloves for use with allergic patients. Every surface, substance and textile in the office environment is not only beautiful, functional and state-of-the-art; it is all latex free.

Why go to such expense and work to create a latex free office? "Latex Free" is much more than just a passing trend. With increasing use of latex in products in almost every manufacturing sector, the average person's environmental ex-posure to latex and latex dust can be an issue on any given day. This is very significant for many sensitive people. Reducing exposure is the first line of defense.

Those most at risk are:

  • Those prone to true food allergies
  • Patients who suffer from spina bifida
  • Those prone to contact allergies through touch or breathing
  • Anyone who is regularly exposed to latex in any form in their daily lives

You can begin to see what a wide swath of the population is being effected on a daily basis. The only option for averting the onset of latex allergic reaction for certain is to avoid exposure. The more contact one has to latex, the more likely the allergen is to activate. In the healthcare industry approximately 5 – 12% of clinical and laboratory staff developed latex allergy before the proliferation of latex free products. Effects can range from a mild skin reaction to life threatening anaphylaxis.

It is the protein in the latex, a naturally occurring substance, that causes the allergic reaction in those who are sensitive. Because of the increasing use of latex in clinic environments, the incidence of reaction soared, prompting facilities to supply latex alternatives for gloves and other products that come in contact with the patient and the staff.

There are many great products now, and more coming out all the time, that are as good as or better than the latex versions. Dr. Machado has taken the extra step to eliminate latex in any form in his practice.