With his dedication to the highest standards, best practices and state of the art technology; Dr. Machado is committed to investing in the safety and comfort of his patients. One of the most dramatic changes in the past several years has been the advent of digital radiography. This has served to radically reduce radiation exposure levels from dental xrays.

Only digital radiography is used in Dr. Machado's practice. Digital xrays and the revolutionary Sirona Gallileos XG3D CT Scan are the standard of care in his office.

Digital xrays use sensors instead of xray film. There are many advantages to this newer system aside from the reduction of radiation exposure.


3D CT Scan is $300 - $500 elsewhere. Dr. Machado's fee is $200 to you because he feels strongly that this service should be accessible to everyone. It is that important to the best possible outcome.

Sirona Gallileos XG3D CT Scan is a 3D imaging system that allows the doctor to see bone and soft tissues clearly from all angles and directions in real time on a large screen monitor. This wonderful technology is used to plan complex surgical procedures and to execute precise positioning of dental implants. This has been an exciting addition to the clinic and has rendered great results for his patients.

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"Thank you all for being so supportive and caring throughout my ordeal. I don't know if I could have gone through all of it without each of you. Dr. Machado, you are awesome and so kind!"

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