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Our Procedures

With a perfect blend of artistry and science, Dr. Machado and his staff have taken every opportunity to invest in the finest education, provide a comforting environment, the most state-of-the-art facility and a staunch dedication to facilitate your best possible outcome and peace of mind in all procedures.

Many things have been integrated into Dr. Machado's oral surgery procedures to ensure a great experience for his patients. For your comfort and safety:

This is a 100% Latex Free Office - This is an additional layer of protection and an investment in the patient's safety while in our care. This includes, not only latex free gloves and other dental implements and supplies, but virtually all materials and substances within the office, furnishings and finishes included. Why is this important?

Digital Radiographs & the revolutionary Sirona Galileos 3D CT Scanner - Dr. Machado employs state of the art, in-office imaging technology. The Galileo XG3D Cat Scan produces the lowest possible exposure for the patient, and a 3D view of all bony and soft structures, allowing the doctor to determine the precise positions of teeth, bones, muscles, nerves and dental implements in real time, during procedure, to ensure the best possible out-come for his patients.

Only state of the art, digital imaging is used in Dr. Machado's practice. Digital imaging provides the best images possible at radiation doses 90% less than plain radiology films. Digital technology also allows immediate, better quality images. The result is more comfort for you and the most accurate, expedient, safest result possible.

INFUSE® Bone Graft -

One of the most exciting advancements in bone science of our lifetime. It's been talked about for decades and is now in actual practice. We now have the biotechnology to grow new bone wherever needed without the surgery for bone harvesting. The results are more efficient healing, shorter procedure times and greater patient comfort. The visual results are great, too. In your evaluation for bone grafting Dr. Machado will determine if this new product is right for you.